Narcissus Reversed

There is a hall of mirrors somewhere
Not where it should be, but there all the same
It waits patiently to see who shall visit
who to reshape and remake in their gilded frames

A stranger now wanders amongst them
Reflected, elongated and compressed
They follow their shifting form throughout
They are amused if not very impressed

They have inspected the mirrors
Reflections to amuse or abhor
Certain they have seen all on offer
But the worst hangs upon the exit door.

The one mirror they must pass to leave
And within is absolute perfection
The stranger stands, entranced and ashamed
Staring at their much-improved reflection

There is no argument to be made
The stranger has no reason at all
Why they should be allowed to leave
While a better version remains in the hall

The world would be so disappointed,
Says the image with kindness and grace
For the stranger to return home
When a better version could take their place

A stranger exits the hall alone
Confident and sure in their selection
The only right choice had been made
And the halls have a new misshapen reflection

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