I’m on holiday from tomorrow with friends, so no regular post on Saturday.

I am, however, organising a game of Jumanji for my friends to play using GURPS (the Generic Universal RolePlaying System), so I though you might enjoy the ominous couplets that I’m adding in!

This was inspired by the Film Reroll podcast, which I do recommend listening to if you get a chance. Just pick your favourite childhood movie and listen to a group of friends erect a joyous circus on its foundations.

You’re about to meet a new friend
With smile large enough for your entire head

A million stomachs in congregation
Will soon devour your foundation

Make a deal, make a bargain
Offer a gift and you may roll again

Some idols don’t want what’s best for you
Look into its eyes, see what it asks you to do

They grow so fragrant and bright
See if you can still take flight

Don’t worry about their poison
It’s venom that does you in

Try not to sleep just yet
You don’t know what you’ll forget

Reinforcements have arrived!
Only one round will they survive

It is so beautiful, so bright
Attractive to all in sight

You already knew you were in trouble
Hope you know how to avoid the rubble

A thousand now take flight
Watch out for their bite

There is someone at the front door
A helpful guest, I am sure

It’s all a bit messy – time to vanish
Choose one effect to banish

Of course you are not the first to play
Meet your predecessor, in a state of decay

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