Baking on Demand

I’d like to tell you about the worst cake I’ve ever baked. Probably best not to look if you’re uncomfortable with blood, teeth and sweet, delicious Frankensteined fondant flesh.

I run a facebook group where I post cakes with threatening auras. These can be either deliberate or unintentional. To celebrate hitting a milestone for members, I proposed that I would bake a cake, with the features to decided by vote. The top results were the following:

  1. Teeth
  2. Fleshy colour palette
  3. Blood
  4. All of the above but a Minion cake

Honestly the minion part was the worst for me. Here’s my process for creating a cake so terrible that the question “cake or death?” yields 50/50 results.

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Bloody Baking

Devil’s food cake, with some added ingredients, layered with dark chocolate ganache

Crumb coat of white chocolate ganache

The full coverage in white chocolate. This photo is blurry because the glass bowl I was using for the ganache shattered shortly before this was taken.

Adding the blood was surprisingly easy. It’s white chocolate ganache with red gel. I did lose the first batch when I tried adding dark chocolate chips for colour, as it all turned brown. It was a straightforward piping job, I just had to work quickly while the icing was still warmish

The finishing touch. When it came time to cut, the entire cake was able to be picked up just by grabbing the knife. For about three seconds.