An Unattended Collection

This work was dedicated to the third drawer, where items are amassed, unsorted and forgotten but never thrown away.

Over the years I amassed many toys I felt too protective of to throw away, but rarely took out. This work shows them growing to fill the space, losing their original form and becoming a mass of shapes competing for finite space.

Unattended (1)Unattended (2).JPG


I have since thrown out some of the original items but kept the statues, which effectively doubles the amount I had before.

A Very Specific Shelf

This is from a few years ago, and was made during my first sculpture class at uni. The intention was to create a shelf that could only house very specific items, ones I had never seen before.

I’d intended on keeping the shelf and slowly filling it with items that fit – finding them perfect homes that were made for them. Unfortunately, having a shelf that has a spike at eye-height probably wouldn’t have working out for me and it’s now in pieces, ready to be reassembled someday.

This is my shelf. It was made for me.