One Sentence Stories (Part 2)

I know that there wasn’t enough air in the base for everyone to survive until the resupply craft arrived, but that doesn’t help as I stare at the floating corpses through the window, still screaming and reaching for me.

I can still feel my missing hand from time to time and for the most part I try to ignore it, but when I feel a cold hand in mine, I let it lead me away from the train tracks.

Stumbling into the bathroom after unlocking bedroom door, he realised with horror that the door only locked from the inside and he lived alone.


One Sentence Stories

I pick up my beloved childhood ragdoll from the attic floor and as I embrace her I am horrified to feel bones moving under the fabric.

The noise-cancelling earphones helped, but he could could always hear the scream of the pedestrian he’d hit a year ago.

She opened the lovingly wrapped gift box to find that it contained every item she’d lost during her lifetime; earrings, keys, and more worryingly her baby teeth.