Comfortable Horror

Sarah had never married
Not that she’d make a bad wife
But with her strange adventures
She did not think she suited married life

She fed the witch’s familiars
As their owners flew across the sky
They appreciated her kind care
And left gifts when they stopped by

Each month she left a change of clothes
Draped over a naked, exhausted frame
Once recovered, the werewolf gave thanks
And left her a good share of game

She had long chats with a vampire
and although she never invited him inside
When the daylight found him
She loaned him an umbrella to hide

Her parents had told her, when she’d asked
That babies come from the cabbage patch
So it was not that strange to her
When she heard a cry from the field out back

The baby was not quite right, however.
He’d clearly grown from the wrong crop
His head was a bit big, his complexion odd
But he needed care and she’d give it, full stop

Sarah bundled up the newborn babe
She took him home and put him to bed
She cared for and loved him all her days
Her little boy with a pumpkin head

Happy Halloween

Since my entire Halloween plan is to play Animal Crossing, I decided to bake Halloween cookies for the office on Friday.

Made the sugar cookies using this recipe and iced with basic royal icing. I was horrified/delighted to discover that you can buy cartons of egg whites in Sainsburys. They pour so smoothly. Too smoothly.

Bloody Baking

Devil’s food cake, with some added ingredients, layered with dark chocolate ganache

Crumb coat of white chocolate ganache

The full coverage in white chocolate. This photo is blurry because the glass bowl I was using for the ganache shattered shortly before this was taken.

Adding the blood was surprisingly easy. It’s white chocolate ganache with red gel. I did lose the first batch when I tried adding dark chocolate chips for colour, as it all turned brown. It was a straightforward piping job, I just had to work quickly while the icing was still warmish

The finishing touch. When it came time to cut, the entire cake was able to be picked up just by grabbing the knife. For about three seconds.