Five Sentence Stories (Part 2)

Richard had always dreamed of visiting this cathedral.
He had never heard of it before, but standing before it he realised that it was the same cathedral he had visited in his dreams throughout his entire life.
As he stared at the building, the eyes of the gargoyles seemed to watch him intently and as he circled it, their heads turned to follow him. Finally he found an empty platform, the gargoyle beside it extending its arm downwards towards him.
If the tour guide that passed that spot ten minutes later noticed the new gargoyle, he didn’t include it in his speech.

I think I was just born.

There are people standing around me talking, but I don’t understand them yet. I hope they like me.
It takes a few seconds, but I start to understand some of what they are saying. “Artificial intelligence” “six years” “project funding” “Shut d-“

It was a shock when I woke up to find a set of footprints in the snow leading to my front door. What was worse was that they clearly spent some time pacing near the door, before heading towards the window to the laundry at the back of the house. Fortunately I had awoken in the middle of the night and it didn’t appear they had been hiding in the laundry for very long.

Quietly stalking my hallway, I held the already bloody knife tightly. I had already taken this home for myself to get out of the cold and no one was going to take it from me.

Five Sentence Stories

Kathy rarely left her house, so the lockdown didn’t really bother her much.

What really annoyed her was having her house-mates home all the time, banging around below her attic room with no consideration. Kathy had lived with Dave and Liz for almost 3 years now and they’d never clashed before, or even had an awkward conversation. Up until now, they had been the perfect housemates.

They didn’t know she was there, mind, but it was all very inconsiderate and she would need to confront their rude behaviour soon.

My doctor always insisted that I not watch when she gave me my shots. I thought she was worried I would pass out or tense up too much, despite receiving the shots on a regular basis for years.

I’ve been sick my whole life and now that my father has passed from the same sickness, I’ve convinced myself that this treatment is the only thing keeping me alive. For the first time, I attend my appointment alone and without him sitting beside me, I can see a reflection in the window of the doctor preparing my shot.

I see the wriggling needle at the end of the syringe and I brace for the familiar biting sensation.

Ray had agreed to DJ the party for free, mostly so he would have an excuse to leave the dancefloor whenever he got tired of socialising. He looked at the long mirror hanging on the same wall his kit was set up against and watched the reflected versions of his friends dance.

It took him a moment to realise that their moves did not match the beat that was playing, and a few more to notice that the familiar moves were to the next song in the playlist. He saw a stain on the dress of a furious Emma and turned to see her unblemished in reality.

He watched her dance partner spill a drink on her and turned back to the wall, where he saw a fire beginning to trap the mirrored figures.