Something New

I’m having a first go at scripting a podcast episode. I normally shy away from dialogue, so it will be interesting to see how I do with all dialogue.

Having a test recording tomorrow, so hopefully all goes well.


October is the scariest month for me. Not because of Halloween, or because of my daily commitment to posting, or the encroachment of Christmas.

It’s because taxes are due.

There will be Halloween cookies tomorrow.

For now I’m going to lie in bed and wonder what I part did wrong.


I’ve been back at work for over a month now. It’s been tiring, but nice to have a schedule again.

I have decided to try a schedule for posting here. Every Wednesday and Saturday, instead of sitting in front of a laptop most nights, waiting for inspiration.

I’m hoping this will also give me more time to edit works. Often it’s so late by the time I finish writing that I only manage a cursory read before posting.

Feel free to let me know what sort of works you would like to see in the future: poems, scripts, longer stories, etc.


There is a heaviness behind my eyes.

I hear a voice inside me telling me to lie down, to give up and never go outside again. It invites back to my soft bed and warm pyjamas. It encourages another drink so that I will be too tired to be hungry. It is a voice I could happily listen to in a daze, trudging through my days in a fog of distractions and numbness. It tells me that I do not need to watch the news or answer the phone. It will stop ringing eventually.

I have been alone with my thoughts for too long. I am not haunted and I am not possessed. I am tired and I am scared.

I tell myself I will go for a walk tomorrow.

Real Life Horror

A few days ago, my fiance said something that initially delighted me:

“I think I need you to cut my hair pretty soon”.

Tonight was that night.

He told me that he wanted to look like Brad Pitt from the movie “Fury” and I found multiple tutorials. My favourite pronounced it “Furry”, which would be a remarkably different movie.

After buying a new razor, assembling all possible supplies and abstaining from drinking any of the delicious wine my fiance was enjoying, I was finally ready.

Anyway, he has a mohawk now.

It’s been a while

I am home from work and losing my mind. I am going to post one piece of writing every day until I’m back at work.

It will be a good distraction. The more horror I can pour onto my page, the less remains in my head. I had a nightmare about sneaking into my office to do paperwork last night and that can’t be my life.

Speak to you soon.

Happy Halloween

I’m glad that I managed to do daily posts for the month, and I’m also glad that it’s over.

It’s been hard putting up something new every day. I wrote more in this month than I have in the last year.

I’m hoping to expand some of the short stories, and I plan on coming up with a more tenable schedule in future.

If anyone asks if I’m doing nanowrimo, I may cry.

October Objectives

As it’s the month of Halloween, I’m planning on posting some horror-related works each day. Whether it’s a two-sentence piece, a short story or a sketch, I have to put something up every day.

I am aware that I’ve missed yesterday, so I’m afraid the shelf will have to do for that day. Maybe I should go back and punch-up the eye-gouging humour?