“It is taking much too long”
Said Bill to the hangman
“Give it an hour more to take effect”
and Bill shrugged his shoulders
held aloft by his neck

“It was kind of you to try”
Said Bill to the hooded figure
a dripping axe in their hands
leaving, Bill nodded his head
which he held gently between his palms

“It is not quite enough”
Said Bill to the pyre tender
who threw more fuel atop him
But eventually Bill headed home
(less a fair amount of skin)

“It tastes delicious”
Said Bill to his smiling wife
but the poison was too weak
His wife comforted him
As his heart continued to beat

“I don’t believe you”
Bill had said to the fortune teller
She simply repeated how he would die
It was an awful way to go
but it seemed he would have to comply

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