I found my shadow lying on the stairs
He must have fallen in the dead of night
I had lain, weighing thirst against comfort
While I chose sleep, he opted to alight  

My shadow is a contrary fellow
He delights in taking the paths that I shun
Away from my side he meets with bad luck
And rises again in the new day’s sun

It is calm, in the times between visits
I think of misfortune striking so close
Dooming my shadow for his poor choices
While I live, as the safer path I chose

My shadow must always return to me
I could not bear to face the day unarmed
He must show me the pitfalls of my day
Above all else I must remain unharmed

It is odd comfort to see my shadow
For him to obey me to the letter
I hate to see harm to my own outline
But he falls when I am simply better

My shadow did not return home today
There are now many, watching as I cry
Not one will take the fall for me again
They wait to see how I choose to die.


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