Four Sentence Stories (Part 3)

It is hard to tell who is an android or a real person some days. Most evenings it isn’t until I arrive home that I realised no one I spoke had blinked or breathed. I am always relieved to see my spouse and children carrying out these comforting reminders of humanity.

I paid extra for that feature.

She knew that no one would believe her. They would say that she had post-partum psychosis or severe sleep deprivation, but she knew that the child in the crib was not hers.

She decided to not tell anyone, and felt glad to have the much calmer and quiet baby. She just had to keep anyone from seeing the full set of teeth in his smiling mouth.

The castle was well-defended. High walls, thick gates and a moat no one could cross. Guards patrolled outside its barriers day and night, refusing to allow anyone to cross. There was a terrible illness that could not be allowed to cross the walls. So the king and his closest subjects languished in isolation, unable to pass the defences set up to keep them safe.

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