It had been a promising morning
Fog dispersed by bright daytime
And energy had gripped the townsfolk
the day the town awoke for the last time.

Not one, even the most quiet and still
found their rest from that night on
Whatever their methods and habits
The routine comfort of sleep was gone. 

It was not discussed in the first days
that not one person had slept
but neighbours shared mirrored looks 
and barely understanding, they wept

As the days went past, they settled
It would not harm them, it seemed
The lack of rest gave more hours to the day
Although many missed their dreams

Days blurred from one to the other
Life went on, sunlit or moonlit
But soon the townsfolk noticed
That strangers had come to visit

They never quite fit in
They were not all there, it seemed
Their visits were only a matter of hours
But such is the nature of dreams. 

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