Three Sentence Stories (Part 9)

There are ten of us, poor beyond belief, but together we have just enough money to pull one of us out of poverty. We have each signed wills leaving everything to a blank beneficiary and we shoot back our drinks at the same time. It should take less than a minute to find out who gets to try a new life and who gets to escape entirely.

Sydney had never noticed the door, despite it sitting between the two windows in her lounge-room. Her attention was only drawn to it when she heard knocking and as she approached, she heard her late husband calling to her. Without thinking, she opened and walked through the door on the 17th floor of her building.

At last, Nate had all the parts to restore the classic car he and his father had worked on when he was a teenager. His father had died midway through restoring it, crushed when the propped car fell on top of him.

Nate still felt that he had been justified to drop it after finding out it was going to be sold and not gifted to him.

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