A False Identity

I do not recall a crime committed
The edges of my memory now faded
I rest quietly, awaiting my death
an uneasy peace is all I have left

I entered this world by invitation
But my continued presence is trespass
I cannot remember where I came from
but hope in oblivion I find calm

The cell around me is flowing, fluxing
from moment to moment its extent shifts
It is not cell bars or chains that bind me
A lack of comprehension keeps me here

Somewhere a heart that is not mine races
its distinct pace elevating my pulse
I cannot comprehend what is coming
Its arrival will not leave me breathing

There is something that I must not forget
Some important thing that I must carry
I am on the verge of something
I am on the verge of nothing

The bell rings out
it is abrasive and familiar
I fade away and am now solid
the entirety of a short life forgotten

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