Three Sentence Stories (Part 8)

She awoke with a start, heart racing as she realised her hands were coated with blood. As she stared at the mess on the bed, spilling from the still figure beside her, she relaxed. After all, it wasn’t her bed.

The princess sat alone in her tower, guarded by a terrifying dragon. It had been many years and the dragon was beginning to show its age after constant assaults. It would not be able to keep the princess contained much longer.

The solo hike had started nicely, until Lilly had come across a stranger ahead of her. No matter how fast she went, she could not overtake them and when she stopped to let them get some distance, they also stopped despite not looking at her. It was only when the wind whipped up the figure’s hair that she saw the eyes staring at her from the back of their head.

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