Two Sentence Stories (Part 4)

I don’t think I’ve ever been this tired in my life, but as I walk around the city after three days of consciousness, I note that no one has woken up in all that time. I shake my head and try to stay awake a little longer, pausing to draw moustache on another prone figure.

All food tastes like charcoal, all sounds fall flat, all sights burn my eyes and and every part of me hurts. Still, on balance it was definitely worth telling that wizard his robes made him look like he just came from a bathtub rave.

As I reached between the old packets and jars, I saw a pair of eyes staring back at me from the back of the fridge, and  felt a hand reaching for mine. I closed the door and reminded myself that this is exactly why I don’t clean the fridge.


I’m very, very tired and I wanted something a bit more light-hearted for a change

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